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How to Report a Claim:

Equine Mortality

*Any time your horse is seen or treated by a vet for anything other than routine or preventive care, it is your contractual responsibility to notify the insurance company immediately.*

Regardless of how small or inexpensive the injury or illness may appear initially, it is very important that you report the event to the insurance company for the following reasons:

  • A minor event may escalate into a serious, or even fatal, condition. If you do not report the initial onset of the injury or illness, your claim could be declined.

  • You will be required to disclose to the insurance company upon renewal if your horse was treated by a veterinarian for anything other than routine or preventative care.

  • Anything your horse is treated for without notifying the insurance company, whether through a covered claim or not, may be considered a pre‐existing condition and excluded. That decision is up to the underwriter and is reviewed on case by case basis.


Call the Claims Adjuster



American Reliable:

Main Number: 1-859-788-5006 - then click on "Claims"

The Hartford:

Main Number: 800-295-1815 

After Hours/Emergency: 


Great American: 

Main Number: or 

R.J. Ketch Equine Inc: 

Non-Emergency Claims: 


Main Number: 833-734-6365

Emergency: 859-300-8035


Main Number: 800-783-9418

Farm & Liability Claims

Property Loss Procedures


  • Prevent further loss or damage if possible

  • Report the loss to Corinthian and your carrier

  • Contact a contractor for an estimate of repairs

  • Contact a vendor for clean up in case of fire or water damage (if applicable)

  • Make an inventory of lost or damaged items


  • Make permanent repairs until the claims adjuster has inspected the damage

  • Wait to report a claim

  • Neglect a police report if needed

American Reliable:

Phone: 1-800-245-1505


ACE/CHUBB Agribusiness: 

Phone: 1-800-252-5022

Fax: 1-800-334-4009


AIG- Private Client Group:

Phone: 800-931-9546


Acadia Insurance: 

During Business Hours Phone: 


After Hours Phone: 1-800-691-4966 


American Reliable:

Phone: 1-800-245-1505


AEIG/Diamond State: 

Phone: 1-800-783-9418

Fax: 502-875-3281




Phone: 1-888-223-3649

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