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Types of Coverage We Offer

At Corinthian Insurance, we specialize in insurance coverage for the agricultural community, offering protection to your horses, farm, businesses and your family. 

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Equine Mortality and Major Medical Coverage

Equine Mortality policy is designed to lighten the financial loss that comes with losing a beloved horse by reimbursing the insured with the horses agreed value.

You can also choose to carry Major Medical coverage which lessons the blow from vet bills during an emergency so that your horse can get the best care.

Farm Package

 Farm Insurance programs can be tailored to meet your farm’s unique needs. Whether you run a small farm, a winery, a large equine operation or anything in between, you will find Corinthian Insurance understands your needs.

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Professional Equine Liability

Whichever discipline you teach or train, we offer the best coverage for commercial equine liability. Additionally, we can offer coverage's for riding clubs, horse shows/events and associations throughout the region. 

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